Industry-leading manufacturing practices backed up with industry-leading Support.

Bittel’s hospitality products are manufactured to the highest quality standards with processes and practices officially cerified to both ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards, and full compliance with international standards on electrical device safety.

Should your phone develop a fault due to manufacturing error or component failure, the product is fully covered by our comprehensive warranty and support service.

A Bittel purchase is a safe purchase.


Manufacturing Practices and Product Certification

Bittel products are made exclusively at Bittel’s wholly owned and controlled factory in Rizhao, NE China, where it employs over 500 people across four business divisions. Bittel’s manufacturing processes are fully certified by third-party auditors to conform to international quality control and environmental standards. Bittel was the first hospitality phone manufacturer to achieve such certifications:

ISO 9001:

Quality management systems

ISO 14001:

Environmental management systems

Beyond the point of manufacture Bittel products are fully compliant and certified with international standards including:


European Certification for Health and Safety

The CE Mark is a mandatory conformity symbol required for products sold in the European Economic Area. The CE mark indicates conformity to the legal requirements of the European Union (EU) Directive with respect to safety, health, environment, and consumer protection.

RoHS Compliance

RoHS compliance is the European Union Directive for the Restriction of Hazardous Substances in the manufacture of Electronic and Electrical equipment.

FCC Compliance

All commercial electronic devices (unintentional radio- frequency radiators) sold in the United States are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

CCC Compliance

The CCC Mark (China Compulsory Certification mark) is required for a wide range of products sold in the Peoples Republic of China. The product list includes 19 product groups and a total of 132 product categories.


Warranty, Support and Hardware Replacement

Warranty Support, Registration and Hardware Replacement. Bittel products are covered by our comprehensive warranty framework. Should your product develop a fault during the warranty period or fail to perform to our specifications, we will repair or replace the unit at no charge subject to our terms and conditions.

5 Year Warranty

- All analogue products

2 Year Warranty

- All SIP, IP network and powered electronic products

Your product or European purchase needs to be registered with Bittel Electronics (EU) Ltd. This will be taken care of automatically when you purchase product through a BEE-approved reseller or systems integrator. BEE will also honour and fulfil warranties for any Bittel product sold within the last 5 years across Europe. In order to qualify for this, please register your purchase with us including these details:

i) Date of Purchase
ii) Place of Purchase (Vendor)
iii) Product Name(s), Part code(s) and Quantity
iv) End-user Location (hotel where installed)

For all Warranty registrations and questions regarding our Warranty, please contact us at